Social Media Manager

KHỐI VĂN PHÒNG Toàn thời gian

Mô tả công việc

Main Responsibilities
- Coordinate with HOD and Brand Managers to build brand communication in both short-term and
- Coordinate with team MKT to grow ideas & set up detailed communication plans (especially
nationwide media campaigns)
- Control and use communication budget sufficiently for every program assigned.
- Supervise and instruct staff to implement approved media plans and ensure that the plans are
implemented according to the approved goals, subjects, progress and costs.
- Manage and monitor agency as well as operating team to ensure communication programs’
- Follow, evaluate and report before, during, and after every media plan..
- Periodically summarize, analyze and evaluate communication programs, ensure the achievement of
the objectives of the Marketing strategy.
- Responsible for monitoring, supervise Communications for 16 brands, and analyzing the
communication programs of direct competitors with brands in charge to make appropriate
recommendations to maintain and develop brands.
- Update and apply the new digital marketing trends. Make recommendations to improve
communication efficiency for brands.
- Coordinate with HOD and Brand Managers to slove social media crisis
- Developing media journalism relationships (reporter, agency media, etc)
- Train and coach employees: knowledge, skills, experience...
People Specifications
- Bachelor’s degree required from University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Economics,
- More than 5 years related experience (facebook content, press/news, SEO, website), including
internships. Food & beverages experience (at least 2 years) is an advantage
- Working in agency side (account/digital/social media) is preferable
- Good communication and presentation
- Work hard and have passion to learn and grow
- Good in MS Office and Photoshop / Design Software
- English communication is an asset (or at least 1 more language: Chinese, Korean, Japanese)

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